perjantai 27. kesäkuuta 2014

Art and a small thing about my self.


This post is obviously going to be a long post about things and going to try to make things more interesting.

Small story how I got in to video games

I got interested in video games on a really young age when my dad owned a old 8bit nintendo 
where there was super Mario brothers, Kirby, kid Icarus, metroid and captain comic.there was also 
some other games but those I will start with. Many years later my friend got a PlayStation 1 and I 
really loved it happily didn´t take long till my brother had birthday and we also had one with Grandia 
and Legend of Dragoon that became one of my favorite games sadly we didn´t own a memorycard then 
so when we had to change disk in Grandia we had to start the game all over again. 
(Yes we had it on every night and played it in turns me, dad and my little brother) 

I wanted in a really young age to make video games but without internet and no school for it near by I was almost giving up on it and decided to go to a publishing and printing as a layout designer that I really enjoyed but I still knew making games is still the thing I wanted to do (I find it awesome to make my own created character move and jump make a own story that someone else can follow)

When I was done with school I worked awhile on a telemarketing company that had provision pay which did not go well also that one of the coworkers where able to trick me to "help her" by borrowing 200 euro to her and she never paid it back so I quit there because working there did not work at all.

After I became unemployed again I decided to do what i really want to do and that is drawing and trying to make some kind of games. After quitting the telemarketing I notice there is a game designing school kind of near but sadly it was too late to apply there so I am planning to apply there next year by the time I cant I will practice my skills and hope I get there.

 So I have been working a long time at small personal things like making some mini games on Unity and anatomy (Still need a lot of practice)

I rarely draw fan art but I then decided to make two drawings of my two favorite games Legend of Zelda and Grandia that have highly inspired me and gave me the interest on making games.

Personal graphic design practices for learning in peace things.

Slowly but surely getting better at drawing and self starting to get happier about it.

 Some other personal work OCs and other stuff

 Please leave feedback if you see this and tell your own stories.
Also tell me what I could fix or talk about.
(I know I might have a lot writing mistakes I suck at writing in any language even my own mother language.)

tiistai 8. huhtikuuta 2014

Art and Pixels

 Hello  to who ever reads this! ~
So this week I have been working on artwork for MiyuBerry and her wonderful OC  ♥ 

Feel free to check out her art on Deviantart:

I have started to make some random icons that I might use for some rpg maker game as practice, 
if someone reads this then please tell me what you think :3
I would love to get some feedback from who ever reads this!

sunnuntai 16. maaliskuuta 2014

RPG Maker and other

Hello who ever reads this!
So I got RPG Maker and I think its great for beginners. (Like my self)
If your of course interested in  old style RPG. I`m making a small game in it for my brother.
Lets hope he likes it :)

Some characters in the game I´m making for my brother.

 Face images.

And Some drawings. I have mostly practice at anatomy this month (Some of these are old I have made most practice on real paper so I dont really have them)

But thats all from this time. Feel free to follow me and see me progress in drawing/ other things